The most hazardous foods for dogs

Obviously every master will love their dog to a greater extent. They will have immense pleasure while feeding their dog with their favorite food. But it is to be noted that they feeding the dogs is not an easy thing. This is because they must be provided with all the essential nutrients. One of the most common mistake done by many masters is they will not be aware of the right food which is to be given for their dogs. Because of this reason, their dogs will tend to show major differences in their growth and behavior. At times, they may also need the help of veterinarian. Hence every master should be aware of the foods which should not be given for dogs at any extent.

hazardous foods for dogs

Human foods

As the name indicates, the human foods are only for humans. They will not assist the needs of a dog at any extent. One of main reasons for why the human foods are to be avoided is the dogs cannot digest these foods easily. This may put them into great health issues. Especially their digestive systems will get damaged to a greater extent. Today many people have the habit of providing tasty chocolates for their dogs. This kind of habit should be strictly avoided without any constraint. Hence instead of using these foods, the best dog foods available in the market can be provided.


Any food or eatables which have alcohol content in it should not be provided to the dogs at any extent. They are capable of causing deadly problems in dogs. Especially this will affect their brain to a greater extent. Hence before providing any kind of canned stuffs or packed foods, the masters must read the label more carefully in order to ensure that they are completely free from alcohol content.

Onion and garlic

This is another common food which should not be strictly provided for dogs at any extent. The garlic and onion in any desired form will kill the red blood cells in dogs. As the result of this dogs will get exposed to breathing problems, vomiting and they will also exhibit extreme weakness. In case, if such foods are provided without knowledge, the dog should be immediately taken into veterinarian’s concern in order to avoid huge impacts. By treating them at right time, huge health hassles can be avoided.