Cisco 2911 Router

The Cisco 2911 router is included from the Cisco 2900 Integrated Services Generation 2 family of routers provides a broad assortment of support for medium-sized small business operations. This Cisco 2911 router has wire-speed performance with services such as voice and security as well as advanced services to multiple T1/E1/xDSL WAN rates. The improved investment protection provided via the ability of a Cisco 2911 router to boost performance and modularity is second to none. It also has increased density through High-Speed WAN Interface Card Slots.

The voice and security support features of a Cisco2911 are very desirable. For security measures, you will find onboard encryptions and antivirus defense support. Furthermore, intrusion prevention along with Cisco IOS Firewall service offers exquisite safety attributes. The voice support of a Cisco 2911 router is also striking. Both digital and analog voice call methods are supported. Optional features include voicemail, support for Cisco CallManager Express (Cisco CME) and support for Survivable Remote Site Telephony call processing. These last two discretionary affirms are perfect for standalone or small business branch offices for up to 36 IP phones.

The Cisco 2911 router supplies customers with considerably more advantages and features compared to previous generations of Cisco routers. Available at a similar price point, a Cisco2911 has the capability to offer performance improvement up to five times more when compared to older versions. The innovative security and voice performance has witnessed an improvement tenfold. The Cisco 2900 Series that the Cisco 2911 is a part of, offers high-quality services which can occur concurrently because of the multiple T1/E1/xDSL WAN rates. High-density interfaces provide a broad selection of connectivity choices while the slot density allows for future network expansion and advanced applications.

For your little- or medium-sized organization, certainly think about the Cisco2911, among the best Routers available in the marketplace nowadays, for your networking purposes. The greatly enhanced benefits of the router permit for many programs to be done at a high degree. As the latest line available, the Cisco2911 is an investment that shields itself with its many safety features and enhanced performance.