A New Kind of Drug Addiction

Imagine waking up one morning and knowing that your prescription for Percocet has run out, yet rather than feeling the typical relief in finishing a prescription-this time you want more. In the beginning the cravings are subtle, however make no mistake about it they’re there, dragging you towards an addiction to buy percocet online.

What is Percocet?

Percocet is a portion of a bigger group of prescription drugs called opioids. These opioids are referred to as synthetic opiates, since they’re originally derived from the poppy plant, which is the plant which all opiates originate from. Percocet is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen and not as powerful as it has counterparts such as Oxycontin, it is just as insidious. Opioids are normally used for pain relief, generally following an injury or operation, nevertheless for addicts it’s the feeling of euphoric pleasure opioids such as Percocet gives themwhich lays the basis for their dependence.

More upsetting than Percocet Addiction forming as an outgrowth in the prescription, is that the expansion of it’s use among non prescribed individuals. Percocet use among individuals not using it for medical function has exploded in the last few years. It’s projected that the rate of prescription drug misuse has skyrocketed in the past ten years.

Percocet Addiction will be personal, so initially it’s signs aren’t clear to the casual observer and might not even be obvious to the enthusiast. Most healthcare professionals familiar with Percocet Addiction assert that a person can become addicted to Percocet Addiction following two or three weeks. If the enthusiast will feel he or she desires more than their usual dosage to create an effect, then the consumer’s tolerance for Percocet has grown. Tolerance to any drug sets the stage for addiction, because the consumer feels that more of the material is needed to guarantee a high.

Typically, Percocet addicts display signs of dependence that are shared with other prescription drug addictions. These signs include taking the medicine outside of medical usage. This normally occurs to relieve stress, normally after a hectic day. Another sign of Percocet Addiction is a rapid increase in the amount of pills the user takes. This can be seen by the rate where the user finishes the prescribed Percocet. If the Percocet is completed faster than expected, it’s a powerful sign that the user has built a tolerance to the drug and needs longer to make the desired result. To be able to get more Percocet the user will discover other doctors to ensure a constant supply via prescriptions. This behavior is called”Doctor Shopping.” Some enthusiasts will even write fake prescriptions to create a near endless supply of Percocet. Of course the most obvious sign is irritability when the consumer is not without Percocet or any prescription drug.

Ending the Percocet Trap

Like any other medication, finishing an addiction to Percocet isn’t easy. Prescription drugs themselves often times grab the consumer oblivious. This fact alone makes them difficult to stop until its too late, but with strength and support an addict can break their addiction to Percocet. Many dependence follow exactly the very same forms of treatment such as medical, emotional, and nutritional therapies. With Percocet as with opioids, there’s a new medication available. Suboxone is a partial opiate agonist, which helps the addict throughout the withdrawal period.