Automobile Body Shop Shops

When you’ve had the unfortunate event of being in a car crash, the last thing you want is to get a bad encounter with an automobile body shop not performing their job. A fantastic auto body shop will fix your vehicle straight back into pre-loss condition, both in appearance and in structural and mechanical integrity. They should begin with customer support better then you receive at a fantastic restaurant. They ought to ask if everyone was OK after the accident, normally, they should be more interested in your needs and worries then their own profit margins. The sad thing is that there are lots of body shops which are just in it for a fast buck and do not have the client abilities or even the repair skills to do the job you, or your insurance company, is paying. So how do you bud those stores out?

I have been in this sector for over 25 years in precisely the exact same place, I have worked in premium quality auto body shops big and small, and have owned my own collision and custom store in Portland Oregon for the previous 8 decades. In my area there are dozens and dozens of auto body repair shops in a really compact place, yet I just know a few I would trust with my vehicles.

I will provide you with some information concerning the industry that will hopefully help to make that informed decision somewhat easier. First, do not let your insurance company tell you the place to get your vehicle repaired, ordinarily they have contracts with all the shop to save them cash in exchange for sending them your vehicle. In this instance the insurance company saves money, the shop receives the work but must cut corners to keep the cost down for the insurance carrier. And you, the one that pays the insurance company those inflated premiums, and pays the entire body store your allowance gets a repair. The insurance carrier might say “if you don’t take the job to our repair shop we can’t guaranty the work”, the fact isn’t any and all good auto body shops guaranty their job for as long as you own your vehicle, if they don’t, go someplace else.

The next thing to do is be sure to question the individual who’s estimating your damage, smaller store owners will usually treat you personally, and generally, actually participate in the repair procedure. In the majority of the larger or chain shops the individual writing the quote on how to restore your automobile is a salesperson, typically using absolutely no experience repairing cars, not to mention the techs working in the store wont fix your vehicle correctly, but they could just not feel like rewriting the estimate how it should of been written to begin with. Just be aware and ask the questions. Additionally tiny stores may not have all of the fancy lasers and computer operated gear of a huge store, Then again lasers and computers don’t fix cars in most cases they’re sales tools and rarely used. A framework stand although necessary is nothing more then a few nicely positioned trees, they don’t fix cars, the technician has become the most significant part the repair.

Ask if the body store is really on any insurance plans or DRP,(direct repair programs) if they are ask why? The only reason I know why a car body shop would agree to be on a DRP would be to get work they could not get by themselves. Again this doesn’t mean just because they have a DRP they aren’t a fantastic shop, but if they have 20 DRP’s then I would be a little concerned? Ask them to explain.

And by far the best resource for locating a good body shop is word of mouth, a buddy that’s had work done and is pleased to let you know more about the car body shop he had great luck using is a fantastic indication they were treated nicely. If you don’t have any friends or colleagues who’ve had resent repairs, you can try out the regional automotive paint supply stores in the region, they visit shops big and small daily and could have the ability to give you a hand.