Baby Bathing

A lot of may think that Baby Bathing needs to be done daily, you cannot find any reason why this should be so , in fact other than washing arms, face, creases and bottom, the rest of babies skin really will gain from not being exposed to soaps, water and currently being dried with rough towels.

The ideal way in the first months with baby bathing is perhaps every 3rd day along with ‘top and tail’ on the days between.

Plan Your own personal Bath Bathing Routine

On bathing days the key is arranging, while baby is asleep – well in advance of bathroom time – collect together everything that you will need, a bath bamboo towel for your knees, a hooded baby towel, soaps, comfortable sponge, a flannel, cotton wool, clean baby garments, nappy and liners. If you are using a baby bath or bath tub lay it out ready in a warm room. A very valuable addition would be a baby baby bath sea sponge support this is an excellent technique of gaining an extra hand to hold baby.

If you have a fresh bucket this can be an easier way of filling and emptying the very bath – when mixing the water you will need it with babies body temperature (100. 4F or 38C) always that cold water in first adding the hot to the appropriate temperature. Using a bath thermometer gives an accurate reading intended for Baby Bathing. On the other hand the traditional way is to test using your elbow or the inside of your wrist at the correct temperature you have to have no sensation of hot or cold.

Getting Your Newborn baby Ready

When everything is ready and double checked, undress newborn leaving the vest on, clean the nappy area, get rid of the vest and wrap baby in the baby towel, this may keep them warm and stop any panic of being undressed, brush the eyes, ears and nose.

Next, tuck baby underneath your arm using the ‘football carry’ (tucking the lower limbs under your armpit supporting the back along your hand, fanning out your fingers to cradle your babies head) and wash babies head, rinse and pat dry out.

Now is the time to immerse baby into the bath, remove the napkin, support the shoulders with left fore-arm hooking your hand over baby’s shoulder and under the armpit, cradle the main legs with your right arm holding on to one thigh, slowly and gradually lower into the water – always maintaining eye speak to and don’t forget to smile and talk as you do it.

Preserving baby in a semi reclined position, use your free grip to wash and carefully rinse.

Gently Drying Baby

When you find yourself ready to lift baby out place your free present under the bottom and gently lift on to the towel. Area baby diagonally across the towel fold the bottom corner upwards over the feet then fold in the two sides, decide on baby up and cuddle while you pat dry taking note of skin creases, drying must be gentle but thorough. Outfit baby quickly, they are unable to efficiently regulate their own temp.

Top & Tail Bowls

On the days between The baby Bathing the best way is to use a ‘top and tail’ jar, fill with luke-warm boiled water for the first week subsequently after with warm tap water. The bowl is broken down, one end is used to clean the face and hands other for the bottom area.