Car Rentals in Santorini Greece

The Internet is buzzing with adverse testimonials talking about, poor customer support and mechanical breakdowns.

An average midsize (3 – 4 adults) 4X4 lease runs between $58 and $65 per day with third-party insurance and prices may fluctuate up to 20 percent among automobile rental companies, so studying a fast review will probably be time well spent after you figure out the savings.

Hence the question is; that leasing firm provides the ideal balance of fair cost, competent customer support and dependable vehicles? I have researched it around for you, so read on!

These companies were chosen since they’re the most frequently utilized in Santorini Greece. Some are local businesses; others are global franchises of brand names that are recognized. Included in these are customer support, pricing along with the booking procedure. The firms are listed alphabetically rather than based on private or online tastes.

Consider this advice before leasing:


Among the biggest causes of complaints is the pile of sudden charges introduced to the tenant once standing at the leasing firm’s counter. Vacationers are generally tired after a very long flight and then are faced with prices which weren’t anticipated, clarified or budgeted.

Topping the list of grievances is your non-disclosure of charges connected with the compulsory third party insurance at the time the booking is made.

In accordance with Santorini Greece legislation, each driver must carry liability policy to insure against harms to third parties. Automobile rental firms generally refrain from revealing the price of the policy in the quoted rental fee to seem more aggressive. Needed third-party insurance can sometimes be up to twice the automobile’s rental price. The only real guarantee against insurance confusion would be to ask if your quote includes the third party insurance and insist on a written quote.

This is a valid state of your leasing agreement and is normally not covered by credit cards and cannot be waived. It is a Simple Fact of leasing hire a car in Santorini Greece.

Some agencies require tenants to buy their own CDW coverage; therefore negating any charge card application. For an extra fee, many agencies to provide a zero liability alternative where the tenant is going to soon be freed from paying for any damage to the vehicle. Some businesses may place pressure on tenants to buy the zero liability policy nonetheless, it’s totally optional unless it’s in the fine print of the lease agreement.

Credit card insurance plans might cover the CDW to get a rental motor vehicle. Check with your preferred rental car business to find which evidence of insurance is necessary and then ask that from the credit card company before arriving. Should you use your charge card CDW policy, then expect to pay a deposit on the automobile; about $1,500 to $2000 is common. The greater deposit guarantees that the credit card holder has sufficient financial reserves to pay for damages if necessary. It’s crucial to look at that if utilizing CDW coverage given by a charge card (in lieu of the lease an automobile operator), all of the damages will be charged to the tenant’s credit card.

More Insurance

Tires and windshields are seldom contained in insurance policies, even though additional policies might be removed for covering those often damaged items. Neither the interior nor the beneath the vehicle might be coated.

Standard Procedure

Your charge card will be billed, or even a ‘hold’ put, for your rental vehicle during the time of this leasing arrangement; i.e. from picking up the lease until you return. Debit cards are usually not acceptable.

Additional Charges

Most firms have surcharges for extra drivers, automobile seats/boosters, mobile phones, coolers, GPS and/or roof racks. The prices differ from company to company, but because these extras are charged at a daily pace, it’s well worth assessing the entire price — added options can accumulate very fast! A GPS is about $8 to $10 daily nevertheless, some operators might provide discounted units. Expect to pay around $5 each day for a child seat and a couple of dollars every day for several of the additional ‘niceties’. Vamos is well known for supplying the majority of these alternatives and, during a few promotions, even the GPS leasing complimentarily. Alamo, Budget, Hertz and National bill the most of these extra alternatives; whereas another firm listed, cost more reasonable rates.


Most firms add little incremental expenses, including license plate and ecological fees, in the entire tally. Be skeptical of operators that add these extra charges to the small print of this leasing contract. Vehicles leased directly from the airport cover airport taxes, which can be a whopping 12 percent of your rental price!

The rental vehicle ought to be returned using the exact same quantity of gas unless otherwise indicated. Otherwise, businesses may charge over gas channel rates for lost gas.


There’s a debate within the vehicles provided by leasing businesses: Older cars permit the motorist to combine in over a shiny, new vehicle. Possessing an older version might have the indirect benefit of becoming scrutinized by automobile rental services for recent nicks and scratches, unlike a newer car. But a newer automobile may be roadworthy. Normally, Santorini Greece firms can lease their vehicles to get a lesser rate since their cars are generally three to five years old (versus 2 to 3). Online reviews would imply that the regional companies have no more complaints regarding vehicle grade than multinational businesses; a study on forums, for example,, appears to indicate that clients often appreciate forcing a less-than-new automobile through the wilds of Santorini Greece. The reasons are a lot, from street conditions to the idea of less-then-new vehicles blending greater — a newer automobile may draw more undesirable attention.