Exploring France

From the sparkling blue shore of the Mediterranean to the snow-capped mountains of the Alps to one of the most romantic and beloved cities in the world, France isn’t only one of the most visited European nations but its certainly one of the most interesting and beautiful. France, however, is much more than only the glittery Eiffel Tower and renowned museums as the countryside, mountains, and beaches are some of the most breathtaking areas to visit. Though you could devote an entire week exploring Paris, jump and train explore some of the wonders of France. Here are just a couple of the najpiÄ™kniejsze miejsca we francji.

Strasbourg, Northeastern France

Hop a train from Paris and head east in the northeastern region of France. The capital city here’s Strasbourg. Here you can find a city that has it all, from castles and history to wineries, lakes, and hills. It’s an opportunity to experience French people, culture, and mouthwatering food. Here’s the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park that has been known as a World Biosphere Reserve. Couples will appreciate the chance to explore the numerous vineyards that lace through this region, giving rise to a number of the best wine in the world. There is a popular wine path that visitors can research 170 kilometers of vineyards. Food here is a life passion and essential part of the family and culture so tourists actually get a opportunity to enjoy true French cuisine.

There’s also no shortage of history within this area either. The Strasbourg cathedral built in 1439 and has stunning gothic style design. If you are here during Christmas, you’ll have the chance to enjoy some especially beautiful light displays and choir singing. The town also offers the 15th century Kammerzell house that was home to several generations of retailers but now gives people a opportunity to observe a gorgeous historical home. In old Strasbourg is the Petite France quarter, certainly one of the most picturesque parts of town. Many homes here date back to the 16th and 17th century. Many cities in the region, for example Alsace, Lorraine, or Champagne-Ardenne lie near the boundary with Germany and combine the two cultures in an intriguing mix.

This part of the French countryside is probably the most visited region beyond Paris. From the east you will get the dreamy French Alps. By far the most popular activity here is skiing and other outdoor activity. Even in the summer the mountains are full of adventurers mountain biking, hiking, white water rafting and enjoying the crisp water from the alpine lakes like Lake Geneva. The renowned ski resorts here comprise Grenoble, Chamonix, Albertville, and St. Gervais and in winter months they could get crowded and pricey.

Head down south and you will reach a few of the very beautiful turquoise seas in Europe called the French Riveria. The bright, temperate climate attracts visitors all year around. The principal city in the area is Nice that attracts visitors looking its gorgeous beaches, often voted a number of the best in the world. Nice not only has historic buildings, museums, and churches, but it has a peaceful seaside outdoor market and purchasing but also a lively night life to enjoy. Monte Carlo and Cannes, with its famous movie festival are also fantastic places to visit as well.

Within this part of France, wine reins ultimate though one minute’s glance across town of Bordeaux and you know there is more beauty than what is on your glass. Bordeaux has over 350 classified historical temples and buildings. When you’ve soaked up all of the history you can relax in a cozy restaurant nibbling delectable cheese and drink a glass of world renowned wine. As in most areas in France, Bordeaux is a gastronomy tour of food, wine, and civilization, one you are not likely to forget any time soon.

Another charming town to see in this area is Toulouse. To tour this small city means a tour for your palette as superb, gourmet meals is all around you. From fine and duck sausage to cheeses of the Pyrenees to wine that reflects this region. This bustling town has a unique mixture of French and Spanish civilization but is exciting to visit the festivals, theaters, casinos as well as the bars and nightlife.

Loire Valley and central France

It provides you with a chance to escape from the crowds and breathe in the clean air. This area is full of temples to visit though so you will not have any shortage of sites of view. It is also an area well known for its wine with several vineyards in its heartland to visit. The Burgundy area has historical cities such as Dijon and Beaune. The property in this region has great wildlife, rivers, and lakes to enjoy in the hot summer months as well.