Five Tips for Setting Up a Successful Irish Music Club

Irish music has become increasingly popular over the last few years and has inspired several fans to set up their own Irish music clubs.

Sometimes, sadly, their expertise has not matched their enthusiasm and the acro club have folded before they’ve had the chance to become recognized. Here are some pointers for setting up a club that will last in addition to thrive.

1 Find the right venue. A pub or nightclub is the obvious place but try to make sure you have a distinct room away from the main bar in the back area or perhaps upstairs. This gives you much more control.

If you use the main standard it will be difficult to charge an entrance fee as people who have no interest in the music will want to enter. A separate room furthermore makes it easier for you to make sure that people keep quiet while the vocalists are performing.

Make sure the venue has good auto parking and is close to public transport as this will make it less difficult for more people to attend and so increase you chances of accomplishment. That picturesque little bar in the countryside may seem good but if no one can get there then it’s no good.

2 Ensure you have a large group of good performers behind you before you start. Ultimately, you need at least 10 reliable acts because not every person will be able to make it every night and the last thing you want is for the viewers to turn up but there’s no one to entertain them.

a few. Try to get a good cross section of performers. Irish music is quite rich and varied so you want your club to be able to reflect that. Someone singing lilting celtic ballads could be very nice but it will be even more effective if the ballads are usually interspersed with acts doing singalong drinking ditties or even a fiddle band performing jigs and reels.

4 Piquancy things up every now and then with a professional act. This may be expensive most successful clubs manage to save their takings each week plus hire in a professional once a month. This will give your club purchasing credibility and the extra people who are attracted by the professional may hopefully start coming along to your singers’ nights also.

5 Get someone reliable on the door to take the bucks. This is often overlooked but not everyone can be the star act. Somebody who can look after the finances is essential if your club is always to survive.