Flight Simulators For PC Gamers

There are many of flight simulators available so this can help you sift through and get the best flight sim to your personal needs.

Of course, there is flight simulator freeware and you can have a look at these kind of apps to get a sense of using aviation games but this choice will not satisfy you in the long run. The graphics aren’t nearly as realistic and the matches aren’t sophisticated and won’t teach you how to fly. They are only games.

This article is about selecting the Best flight simulator for pc which will provide you satisfaction in precisely the exact same time as teaching you how to fly. If you’re after free flight simulation games, then you should stop reading now!

Here are 6 significant features that the best flight simulator should have.

Flight Sim Add-ons

2. Online Flight Simulation Game

Can you get online and join other players using the exact same applications and learn from them or struggle against them fly in formation together?

3. Airplane Sophistication

Is your flight sim download regularly updated and kept up to date with the continuous changes and advancement in the world of aviation? Is the software developed by specialists in aircraft technology?

4. Digital Reality

Is it true that the game look and feel as the real world when you fly ? Keep an eye out for realistic features such as real airports that resemble the actual world, weather and environment scenery add-ons and features.

5. Multiplayer System

Can you connect with air traffic control tower and speak with other pilots you’re flying with. This is a brand new feature is some of the best flight sim applications available on the market.


The above 6 points are the key characteristics you should search for. Obviously you will also have to take into account the system requirements but I am sure you already know that.

1 additional thing that is not essential however a great bonus is if you are able to incorporate flight sim hardware like peddles, a joystick, switch board along with other hardware down the road. Usually games come with an add-on quality which allows you connect the hardware to the game via a USB point.