Google Caffeine and the New Ranking Factors

Google Caffeine is the title given to Google’s”Next Generation” search engine, which it will use to rank and index all the pages on the fantastic world wide web. According to all indicators, this isn’t just another one of Google’s infamous Updates, but a major”Overhaul” of its index and algorithm, the intricate formula and calculations Google uses to rank all of web pages, such as yours.

If that does not sound ominous enough, according to Matt Cutts (Google Spokesperson) one database is already revealing Google Caffeine, and also the full blown version will be published after the holidays. The reasoning behind this, Google does not need to upset webmasters and website owners throughout the booming holiday buying season. In the past, other important Google Updates have come around this time of the year, most especially the”Florida Update” which severely
Affected many web sites and webmasters.

Lately, Google has been increasingly more conscious and much more generous to webmasters by being more open and forthcoming in regards to how it suggests its pages. This time around, webmasters were even given access to a beta version of Caffeine which Google released last summer (’09) where webmasters could check to see how well their keywords and site would fare in this new search index. This beta site has now been taken down by Google.

I have drawn some conclusions from what I have observed, but please be aware it is often very foolish to draw conclusions and make predictions from your own small sampling of results.

However, there are certain ranking factors that even Google is telling us about, mainly “Site Speed” or how fast your site loads will play a part in how its ranked. We have also heard a lot about “Broken Links” and if your page or site has them, then it will probably be ranked lower. Of course, linking out to “Bad Neighborhoods” will probably still not be a good practice if you want higher rankings within Google.

It should not come as a shock or a surprise, that “Over-All Page Quality” will play a greater role in how well your page ranks. Keep in mind, Google is like any other company putting out a product, if that product doesn’t have a high standard of quality, it reflects badly back on everyone concerned. Google’s serp api (Search Engine Results Pages) is the key to all their online revenue, they must do everything in their power to keep that product fast, relevant, current and above all, something of high quality.

Therefore, expect “OnPage Factors” to play a much greater role in Google Caffeine. Quality unique content, page design, good navigation, title, meta tags, description, keyword density, alt tags, page views, bounce rate, traffic numbers, time spent on page, and the number of social bookmarks may play an increased role in achieving high rankings. A perfectly optimized keyworded page, with the keyword in the title, description, meta tags, alt tags, on the page… will probably get you ranked higher in Caffeine, as well as most search engines on the web.

This may be pure speculation on my part, but one of the areas Caffeine will be addressing or incorporating is”Social BookMarking”, that’s the number of social bookmarks a page receives will determine how large it is ranked. I also believe one of the major motives these browsers will become considerably more significant has to do with the entire nasty problem of link buying.

Now, the integrity of Google’s index isn’t in question, however any savvy marketer or webmaster understands any person or firm with deep pockets and huge resources can purchase their way to the top place. Despite Google’s attempt to stop it, link buying and keyword positioning, is a thriving industry on the web. Rightly or wrongly, money and unlimited resources will get you or your business to the very best in organic search, regardless of which search engine you’re targeting.