How to Draw Makeup

This tutorial is geared towards beginners, but more experienced users can find great suggestions from watching the YouTube video too. Makeup artists Candice takes us through her daily makeup routine to demonstrate how easy and effective airbrushing could be.

After pulling back her hair and employing a few moisturizer, Candice begins with her foundation-she utilizes Honey Beige bases, and sets just six drops at the airbrush-six to ten is enough for complete coverage-a goes a very long way with airbrushing.

For help with a fitting base to your skin tone, Candice recommends calling cosmetics consultants for assistance. For the entire face, Candice stays around 6 inches away from the face.

For hiding under blemish or eye stains, she goes to about 2 inches for better coverage of problem areas. From the movie, Candice cautions against pulling back on the power level all the way-this will create an intense stream of makeup and make ‘hot spots’ of a focused base.

Candice says that if you are not sure about using the airbrush, check it out without cosmetics in first, simply to have the sensation of the air-where you feel that the air on the epidermis, that is where the cosmetics will be implemented. Candice also airbrushed her throat and ears in precisely the exact same looping motion in order to acquire seamless coverage.

Next, in the airbrushing video, Candice combines a couple of drops of ‘Nutmeg’ shade foundation with her Honey Beige to create a light bronzer-she applies this all over her face and d├ęcolletage for a warm bronzed appearance. Using the exact same mixed shade, Candice they demonstrate light contouring.

She utilizes the airbrush 4 inches in the face and softly applies the color below the jawline, across the temples, and beneath the cheekbones. For diminishing the nose, or adjusting a bend, she states that contouring can be performed on one, or both sides of the nose also. With 3 to 4 drops of Bronze Rose blush, Candice applies the color to the apples of her cheeks and back to her ear in a 4-inch range from the face.

Candice also demonstrates applying eye Liquid Highlighters with an airbrush in the movie. She states that light pinks and mild bronzes are great to start with as they’re more forgiving.

She also employs an eyeshadow shield to assist control overspray. Lastly, she places 1-2 drops of Moist & Dewy Moisturizer to the airbrush and goes over the face and neck in circular motions to help set and moisturize the face cosmetics.