Lower Back Pain Stretching Exercises

Lower Back pain stretch exercises are a fantastic place to begin when your job involves a lot of sitting for extended amounts of time. The most typical places I see day in and day out with my patients would be the hamstrings and the hip rotators.

This makes sense when you think that these muscles are usually placed in positions in which they’re at their shortest. Sitting, especially at the computer or while driving, keeps these muscles brief and little leg movement steadily decreases their versatility.

The hamstrings are commonly stretched before exercise, but not the muscles of the hip. Even so, many patients come in using hamstrings which are extremely tight.

You can stretch your hamstrings by simply sitting in a chair or on the floor with one leg straight out in front of you. Reach out for your feet and get as far as possible. If you can just reach your thigh, then that is your starting point.

Hold the stretch for at least a count of 10 and then do the other side. You would also benefit from doing some walking until you really engage in any stretching activity, giving your legs a opportunity to warm up a bit.

For your hip rotators, you’ll want to lay in your back (you can take action at a chair, but it is harder) and pull your knee into your chest. You need to feel it”pull” in your buttocks, however the muscles we’re going following are a lover of muscles beneath you glute muscles.

Again, you’ll want to hold it for at least a count of”10″ then repeat on the other leg. Stretches do a fantastic job of beginning the process of enhancing position and preventing additional posture-related issues.