New York Travel Tips: TOP 10 Golden Rules for Tourists


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If you are dreaming of visiting New York and watching the sights, you should start right now! The city is full of sights! Pick the best car rental in JFK and enjoy the city from the car window. You know what, New York is a unique metropolis that offers much to do. Seriously! There are so many streets in Manhattan that you probably walked down during your last visit. They look different today! The city is changing! Of course, such historic objects as Empire State Building or Public Library seem never change. There are many things that are able to make New York special for you! Here are helpful rules for you to stop feeling like a tourist!

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  1. Don’t pay the full price

If you live in New York you shouldn’t pay the full and often the highest price for what you like. Remember, NYC is a city where you can the most of things for cheap. If the good cannot be sold quickly, it is discounted and available for cheap. Sometimes, you should wait for a week or two to get something for the cheapest price. NYC is a city of sales. You can visit it for shopping on sales period and buy everything you need or like for a low price. Remember, you can find a discreet sale at the back of any store.

  1. Tip is needed

Remember to tip to every person that does something for you. It can be your hairdresser, taxi driver, massage specialist, waiter. Just don’t think about the government, taxes, and minimum wage that these people get. Of course, service you finally get doesn’t depend on tips you pay. It’s rather a good American tradition to thank people for a good service.

  1. NO tips for poor service

If you didn’t like the rude driver or scattered waiter, you shouldn’t tip! But if you don’t tip, be ready to explain WHY. It is important! As you can see the rule is simple, New Yorkers pay extra tip for perfect service and don’t tip for poor service

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  1. Don’t be too polite

It is not a good advice to be polite always. Of course, you should always say THANK YOU and PLEASE, but no more. Remember if you ask May I please have…you do wrong as you take someone’s time with your politeness. Just be short and straight to save your time and people around. Everyone is too busy to waste time for your long and wavy phrases. It is enough to say Thank you!

  1. Use map even in the subway

New York subway is a big labyrinth. If you are lucky to rent a car, you may use GPS navigation to get where you need. You may also use GPS map for the city subway. Sometimes it takes you much time to get to the train you really want. Just follow the map.

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  1. Don’t stare at celebrities

There are many famous people live in New York. Locals usually give them special status and don’t bother with autograph hunting. It would be very disappointing if you did in such a way. It can happen that you meet a famous actor or singer just on the street. Don’t stare! Just say Hello and give your smile! It would be respectful enough to behave like locals.

  1. Don’t buy food in the Theater area

Just remember that and don’t buy food there. It is not tasty! Honestly, the Broadway is not good for dining at all. It is better to go to the supermarket and buy some food there. Locals usually go for a drink to the Charlie Palmer restaurant on Times Square. The fix price for your dinner is about $50.

  1. Don’t walk in Manhattan only

If you still think that the city center is the most interesting its part where the locals usually gather together for parties and performance, you are wrong. You should go out of Manhattan and visit Brooklyn, Prospect Park or Williamsburg. The most of the young and creative people are hunting for the cheap apartments somewhere out of the center area.

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  1. Pack your sport shoes

Why? The most popular place in New York for all who like sport is Central Park. This is a place, where you can go biking, skating, plating football and volleyball. There are hiking trails in the park that take you along the picturesque landscapes. What a good idea to run in the park at any season. Anyway, the best time for running outdoors is spring and autumn.

Finally, don’t be too careful in New York. If you want to learn the city and find more and more interesting places, don’t be afraid to go far from the center. New York is not a dangerous place now as it was many years ago. If you are not sure you’ll be ok, you can use your smartphone secure apps to get help any time you need it.