Pedal Board Flight Cases

If you’re reading this article then you’re probably researching information on pedal board flight instances. Maybe you are searching for a bicycle board flight case and uncertain about what situation could suit you best? If so then you’ve come to the ideal location. Since there is such a wide selection of effects pedal cases on the current market, finding one that fulfills your needs and needs can be a challenging process.

I’ve been playing guitar in a band for the past couple of decades, playing gigs most weekends and I have altered my effects board several times to enlarge my set up of effects pedals and to increase the protection of these on the street. I am currently using a 24″ odyssey hard situation. But upon researching flight instances I found it hard to find relevant info and aid towards choosing the proper one, therefore I have provided some information that might be beneficial to you.

Pedal board Flight cases are probably the most effective and durable kind of situation to secure your pedals. They’re an ideal case if you play a lot of gigs or transport your pedals around frequently because they may take a hard beating unlike a soft case. However the disadvantages are that a pedal board instance can be quite heavy if you have a lot of pedals on your set up and you’re more likely to injure yourself carrying it about (e.g hitting your shin of the corner of it!!)


One of the most important aspects in investing in a pedal board case is to choose the right size you need. This is an error I have personally made before like many other guitarists. You should first place your pedals at a rectangular fashion of two rows,and then measure the length and width of the setup.

I’d personally recommend investing in a bicycle board flight instance if you play a great deal of gigs or transfer your pedals around often, as it provides better protection than another kind of case/bag. Bear in mind, Guitar/ Bass effects pedals don’t come cheap so that it might be worth investing in a case that will protect your pedals and keep them in mint condition, that way you’ll be able to sell them later on for a fantastic price if you wish to do so.