Pineal Gland – The Mysteries of Third Eye

Your third Eye has long been used as an important symbol in many old religions and myths. The eye, being an organ of perception and vision, is believed to hold the power to see over and above what is perceived as reality or at least, the illusion of it. The final Eye is a highly esoteric and mystical concept upon which many beliefs and practices are based. A part of mental performance called the pineal gland is believed to play a key function in the function of the inner eye. To this day, the relationship with the pineal gland and the Third Eye Activator is still being researched in order to understand its nature and to harness its strength.

What is the pineal gland? The pineal gland is one of the most crucial parts of the endocrine system. It is found in the heads of humans and other vertebrates and resembles a tiny pinus radiata cone (which explains its name). It is located involving the two cerebral hemispheres, connected to the third ventricle near the frente area of the brain.

The gland is responsible for producing several different human hormones, particularly melatonin, a derivative of serotonin. Melatonin is responsible for managing the wake-sleep cycle and for managing the ability of the body of a human to adapt to the seasons. The ability of the gland to produce melatonin is influenced by light and darkness. Light that will hits the eyes sends signals to the spinal cord, which then activates the pineal gland to regulate the body’s circadian signs.

Pineal glands are also important in the normal development of could be sexual functions. It can be damaged by calcification and extreme exposure to fluoride and certain medications, such as anti-depressants.

The particular pineal gland and the third eye Some writers in addition to pioneers in esoteric studies such as H. P. Blavatsky have theorized that the pineal gland is the third vision, albeit its more dormant form. It is considered as any spiritual gate or entryway to the human mind plus higher consciousness because of its location in the brain. The mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes even referred to it as often the ‘Seat of the Soul’. In some Eastern religions, it is viewed as the eye with which true knowledge can be perceived. It is also regarded as the seat of the inner teacher and has often recently been used as a symbol for enlightenment.

In certain ancient procedures, the third eye is known as the 6th chakra, often displayed as an eye or dot on the forehead. As such, it’s the most potent source of spiritual energy that aids in healing, increased perception and the development of the Self. During astral projection, the exact spirit exits from the physical body through the pineal sweat gland.

Activation of the third eye

The third eye is generally heavy in majority of individuals but it can be awakened and turned on. There are several methods with which this can be done, namely through: chakra meditation, DMT or deep meditation therapy, visualization workout routines and kundalini awakening. The last method allows the steady progression of activation from the chakra found at the base of your spine and up towards the chakra at the center of the brow.

Once this part of the spiritual vision is opened, someone experiences tremendous improvement in intuition and awareness. A great opened brow chakra promotes wisdom, thought clarity, improved self-awareness and the ability to experience lucid dreaming. It can also be gathered to develop psychic powers and to build the Yogic Brain. What it does, ultimately, is to allow an individual to attain his or her greatest potential in illumined awareness. You can learn more about third eye lids activation.