Postoperative Laser Eye Treatment Advice

There are lots of preoperative and postoperative do’s and don’ts a prospective laser eye treatment individual ought to know about. These are important to ensure a successful functioning overall and for a speedy and smooth postoperative recovery procedure.

First and foremost, a patient must wear a protective shield to protect the eyes immediately following laser eye treatment, as advised by their surgeon. A patient must also shut their eyes, relaxing and resting as much as possible immediately after the surgery is done. The patient will see a significant vision improvement after waking up from sleep.

After laser eye treatment it’s also advisable to wear sunglasses as far as you can, in rain or shine. This is to help protect the eyes from damaging elements like sunlight, dust, and harmful ultraviolet rays. It is best to keep the sunglasses for a minimum of two weeks after operation.

It’s also a good idea for a postoperative laser retina specialist in Kolkata patient to avoid participate in contact sports for at least one month. Your eyes need time to adjust and an individual’s sense of perception may still be off balance. Avoid contact sports that could cause harm to the eyes such as basketball, football and other high-risk activities.

It’s encouraged for women who undergo laser eye treatment to avoid wearing cosmetics immediately after surgery. Makeup can cause irritation to the eyes, which subsequently could result in infection. Lotions, which are designed for sensitive skin, can be implemented if needed but steer clear of cosmetics for involving 2-3 weeks after surgery.

Any itchiness may be handled with medicated eye drops, which can also help in the curing process of their eyes. Use these drops as directed even if your eye are feeling fine and avoid rubbing your eyes at any cost.

Activities that may over strain the eyes such as watching television, driving, utilizing the computer would be best avoided. Rather, attempt to relax the eyes as far as possible. Do not shower following a laser eye surgery. Instead, take a bathroom but be careful not to get soap into the eyes. Additionally, avoid hot tubs and simmer for approximately eight weeks after surgery.

A patient should make follow-ups with their eye surgeon after therapy, that will offer guidance on great eye-care clinic. All of which contribute to the overall recovery of a patient following laser eye treatment.