Spark Plugs – How to Change Them

Interest plugs are essential to the running of your car. When they are clear or new they are much more efficient than older dirtied ones. Therefore , replacing them occasionally can be beneficial to your car or truck. It may sound complicated but once you know what you are doing it is actually a simple procedure.

If you don’t know, spark plugs, as their label suggests, create a spark which ignites the fuel inside the engines cylinders. Remember, the engine of your car may reach extremely high temperatures when running, make sure that the powerplant has cooled down completely before working on it.

1) Start simply by opening the car’s bonnet. You will probably need to pull any release catch on the inside of your car to open it.

2) Before it is possible to change the spark plugs you will need to find them. On a four cyndrical tube engine you will probably find them on top of the engine block since all of the cylinders are upright in a line. On a ‘V’ engine they will be in two rows at an angle. You won’t manage to see the frederick cowan as they will be covered by the HT leads. If unsure, use the manufacturer’s handbook to find the HT leads.

3) Before you remove the HT leads remember that they could be recycled interchangeable. They are designed to fire the cylinders in a certain order. When replacing the leads each one must head to their corresponding spark plug.

4) Start with the lead farthest to your right. Pull the HT lead off. If the lead has been removed the spark plug should be revealed. Use a wrench and socket to remove it. Remember that anti-clockwise will loosen the plug.

5) Inspect the spark put you have removed. It is likely that it is dirty. You will need to do certain things. First, clean all of the dirt off. Secondly check that the particular gap at the base of the plug is set to the right size. The gap is where the spark will bounce across. The size of the gap varies with the make and model regarding car so find out the correct size for your car and also use either a feeler gauge or gapping tool to put the gap. The closer the gap is to the ideal size the more efficient the car will be. If you choose to replace the of curiosity plugs you will still have to set the gap, make sure that you have bought the suitable spark plug for your car.

6) Carefully screw the spark plug back into position by hand. Be very careful that you twine it correctly, if you do not it can be very costly to repair. When you are positive the plug is screwing in correctly you can fasten it with wrench. Do not over tighten or you uncessarily risk the thread again.