Transform Your Mindset For World Class Results

Your own personal mindset is what determines your Lahore Board 12th Class Result 2018 more than any system or nutrition programme. If you are mentally fit and centered the world is your oyster!

All of my clients start their very own programme with the following mental fitness programme – is it doesn’t most important programme you will ever do

1 . Write out Evidently defined and measurable goals and read twice every day – first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. In addition have a goal card and write your goal on it and keep in the pocket as a reminder every time you touch it
2 . Identify every one of the obstacles that potentially lie in wait. These include both equally fixed obstacles such as working hours and also those that you may work around such as family pressures, shift work, don’t like of cooking etc
3. Identify limiting beliefs — throughout life you have been programmed to certain limiting thinks from your parents, friends and those that have influenced your life.
some. Why list – this is powerful – write out minimum of 50 WHYS as to why you must achieve your goal. Read initial and last thing each day
5. Statement of gratitude : write out your future achievement in the present tense. Read first along with last thing each day.
6. Consistent Daily Mind Training rapid I do a minimum of 1 hour personal development daily whether it be audio tracks, video or reading. Start with even 15 minutes per day. Right off the bat in the morning is a great mental kickstart.

I can’t stress enough the energy and importance of this training

“What you believe in your mind you could in reality”

Dave Sheahan is the World’s #1 Zero Holds Barred Elite High Achievement Consultant