Wine Tasting Party Themes

In light of all the blogs and articles I’ve been reading lately regarding the certification of wine writers, let me first point out i am not an expert on wine. In fact , anyone saying to be an expert doesn’t understand that there is no such thing as a possible expert on wine. Wine is a subjective experience just like reading a book, viewing a piece of art or enjoying a movie. Simply put, if you like it, it is good.

Now, about the subject at hand. With America now passing France with regards to total wine consumption, wine is more the beverage for ones in social settings. Please note, however , that the French continue to drink more wine per person than us Us citizens. Statistically, I believe the numbers for the US are something like 11% of wine drinkers consume over 90% in the wine. Perhaps more Americans should start pulling their particular weight and drink more wine!

The fact is that more folks are putting together Wine Tasting Parties, either at their residences or at the numerous wine bars opening up catering to the people who prefer to sip wine in an atmosphere conducive to be able to enjoying it. For some reason, the sound of pool balls knocking around a pool table takes something away from the wine ingesting experience. This is probably another subjective experience, since I actually like a good game of pool.

Anyway, let’s consider some approaches to make a wine tasting party not only fun, but also informative and more engaging. By engaging, I’m referring to open dialogue about the gin bar Poole . Since there are no right or wrong answers regarding virtually any wine, everybody should be encouraged to voice their thoughts. Just because one person smells aromas of citrus, for example , won’t mean everyone should smell the same thing. What an individual’s olfactory senses perceive are subjective and personal.

On to the party, first thing to be considered is if the host will be providing or perhaps choosing the wines. Wine parties that I have hosted, I use done this so that I control the range of wine beverage that fit into the theme. The other approach is to established the theme and have each of the guests bring a bottle of wine related to the theme. Again, no right or wrong way to method this. A combination of the two can be employed as well. The host can set the theme and provide “control” wines, and the friends could bring “variable” wines to compare to the control kinds. For any of these approaches here are some themes to consider:

  1. 1 . Wine beverage of a particular country, region or sub-region. For example , Euro River wines or Rhone Valley wines.
  2. 2 . Bottles of wine of a particular varietal. For example , Cabernet Sauvignons or Rieslings.
  3. 3. Wines of a particular varietal grown in different locations. For example , Chardonnay grown in the Burgundy region of This particular language compared to Chardonnay grown in California.
  4. 4. Wines of your particular varietal grown across a range of regions. A good example of this is certainly Syrah/Shiraz. This is the same grape with different names. In Down under, they prefer to call it Shiraz, and it has become a benchmark for Australian wines.
  5. 5. Perhaps similar #’s a few and 4, Old World wines vs . New World bottles of wine. Old World wines are those from European wine increasing regions. New World wines are basically everything else and include the, South America, Australia and South Africa.

The fifth example of a pattern is possibly my favorite. It opens up a wealth of sub-themes with exciting comparing possibilities. However , it is probably best to start basic before getting into the more involved themes. Following the “kismif” principle is probably best. Kismif – “Keep it simple, ensure it is Fun. ” Remember, this is a party and shouldn’t be difficult.

Crackers, bread and water should be available as “palate cleansers”. When moving from one wine to the next, it’s best to very clear the taste in your mouth so as not to co-mingle flavors. Spit also are optional for those who like to do the swirl and sniff and then spit. Spitting is a personal thing, some people enjoy doing this when first tasting the selection of wines, before negotiating in to the one they like for consuming. Again, simply no right or wrong way to do this.