Ignite the Fat Furnace: How I Lost 11kg in 4 Months

“You mean I have to start taking those pills for life, doctor? In my opinion I’m too young to be a pill popping coffin boffin. ”

In early March – a week after I was wiped away from hospital and slapped with a long list of prescriptive drugs, I decided to improve my overall health. On the exact night out of my birthday, I was officially diagnosed with diverticulitis, diabetes. Gout also made a comeback.

The prospect of going pills for life was too grim and so, on my birthday bash, I promised myself that my increasingly sedentary way of living has got to give.

I started out by walking to work early in the day for 3 days a week. Work was about 3km away from home. This was dubbed “the Perpetua Walk” after a close friend whose morning walks inspired me.

Not a brisk move by any measure but just a lazy stroll, in the event you may, to help me get used to the idea of being in motion.

The moment I got the hang of it after a month, I started adding jogging after work, each time for half an hour. Again, almost nothing too strenuous. Just an easy, slow jog. The kind of amble where I can still talk while running. I do that about 2 times a week, on a weekday.

As soon as I got the hang of it, I added into the regime running longer kilometers during the weekends. The more consistent I was at it, the more effective my stamina and speed.

I learned that for those of you in the mid 30s like yours truly, the most important thing is absolutely not exactly weight loss, but staying healthy. Slim couture Weight loss will come in effortlessly and eventually as a bonus.

After 2 months since the regimen started, I was faced with a weight loss plateau. The point of no benefit in weight loss is demotivating and can be crushing. But it happens and it’s inevitable. My weight stayed stagnant for three weeks. Inside of those three weeks I even upped my extends to 4 times a week and included 2 50 percent marathon distance runs. Still it refused to budge. But persistence is key. Finally the plateau broke in addition to weight started decreasing again. As the weight shed, the item revealed a healthier me. And that is what matters.

Also i learned that watching what I eat and drink is more important than performing exercises. I used to use an app – MyFitnessPal – to actually matter calories and try my best not to exceed my very own recommended calorie intake for the day.

These days I no longer use the software package but just watch what I eat. Smaller portions each and every time. For lunch I prefer vegetables and fruits. I don’t eat rice for lunch.

I also stopped eating red meats fully (due to my gout condition) but chicken remains to be a must. I started telling people I’m a pollotarian, much to their annoyance. I drink strictly plain waters even when eating out. Boring I know. But I do not want in order to risk of another debilitating gout attack. I find that carbohydrates in drinks triggers them. So far in these 4 several months I have not had another attack.