Ladies! Prepare, because we’re just about to start not just one, but TWO of your favorite textures together with the advantages of all tape-in teip juuksepikendused. We know that it’s been challenging for our textured haired divas to get the ideal match, but we’ve got your spine with our newest Kinky Curly and Relaxed Straight tape-in extensions. They are the ideal addition to Perfect Locks stunning collection of tape-in goods . We’ve been so eager to present those difficult to locate tape-in textures into our amazing clients and the wait is nearly over!

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About the Textures

Our Kinky Curly tape-in extensions can provide you an exotic quality with the greatest in density, quantity, and rebound. The absolutely defined coils supply a natural and distinctive curl pattern that’s great for achieving an assortment of styles such as afro-inspired appears to glam up-do’s. Adopt the curl!

If you have been longing for a more obviously straight fashion with the simplicity of tape-ins, look no farther than our newest Relaxed Straight texture. It kind of says,”I’m sleek and slim but I still got body!” These brand new tape-ins will combine seamlessly with many all-natural hair textures to get a perfect, professionally relaxed appearance.

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Why Tape-Ins?

In case you haven’t attempted tape-in extensions nevertheless, then both of these new textures offer you a fantastic chance to experience how easy it’s to set up and maintain the popular hair remedy. Tape-in extensions enable you achieve the latest hair styles with no hours at the salon, continuous upkeep, or pricey weaves. In addition, contrary to other kinds of extensions, tape-ins are swimming and fitness accepted — game your own tape-ins without fear of itching, pulling, or perhaps slipping. Like most of Perfect Lock tape-in extensions, these lovelies are 100% Virgin Indian Hair that’s been steam pushed to supply you with the very lasting, natural, long-lasting extensions available on the industry.

Keep your eyes posted on the Perfect Locks site and social websites for the official release date of those exclusive tape-in textures!