Violence Against Women

There have been lots of crimes committed against the so called same-sex but none occurs more frequently than national violence against girls. Perpetrators of the stated violence are generally husbands or common-law spouses of those victimized girls. Countless women undergo the painful procedure of domestic violence on a daily basis that makes it crystal clear that assistance from a third party like a charitable organization must rescue those girls.

IFCJ will reveal that girls are exposed to the gruesome act of violence in the hands of the spouses. A few of them include acid projecting through fits of jealousy, female genital mutilation for supposed infidelity, forced prostitution and human trafficking of girls who originally thought they were married for love, marital rape, and sexual slavery, amongst others. The listing seem endless and an increasing number of women are end up as victims with no recourse for assistance.


Women in this scenario ought to be aware there are associations that they may approach and request assistance from. If it impossible to ask themselves, they ought to get a means to receive their message across through relatives or friends that can request assistance that can remove them from this kind of circumstance. Individuals who are aware of girls that are experiencing such cruelty are invited to report what they know particularly if it’s the sole method to assist these girls.

Lots of women have already expired, are carrying dreadful deformities, or have lost their sanity due to being exposed to violence. It may be stopped but somebody must make it cease.