Cuban Cigars Uncommon Medio Tiempo Leaf


After the Cohiba Behike line started, between a rare and unique foliage not located in other Rolling Papers online, folks stood up and took note. What’s this leaf? Why is it so uncommon and isn’t it located in different habanos? The Medio Tiempo foliage has made many a smoker interested, and throughout the secrecy of this unknown, fictitious tales have materialised. The fantasy is not any longer — we show the facts and clarify that the foliage’s luxury.

THE SPECIFICATIONS — There are not any! Technically, there are not any real measurements for that which represents a leaf group. Tobacco growers frequently used their immense experience and understanding of tobacco plants, conscious of where every leaf is typically placed and the way they generally seem to make a decision as to what kind they are. Size and color being crucial facets. The Medio Tiempo foliage is somewhat more complex than the usual Seco or even a Volado for example, when categorising.

Medio Tiempo leaves are located at the Maximum stage of a plant and also withhold the most concentrated quantities of petroleum

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AT THE TOP — Grown on peak of a tobacco plant, Medio Tiempo is frequently called’thick ligero’, as in nature they are ligero leaves but with a higher concentration of petroleum. Medio Tiempo leaves are tiny and just discovered during the classification procedure, rather than being sourced straight from a plant. This makes them hard to see, and of course the stringent requirements in order to get a leaf to become categorized as a Medio Tiempo. Again, with no sizeable dimension, there are particular specifications nonetheless. They need to be quite thick and full of oils.

SUN BENEFITS –The near proximity to sun is the true key to Medio Tiempo. The magnificent Cuban sun gives a powerful part of oils that form together to make a delectable flavor and odor. The massive oil ability is a massive reason behind Cohiba Behike’s, like a Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar, comprising full-face tasting notes.

CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUES — The disadvantage to being in the peak of a plant, is combined with direct sunshine, there is the occasional bouts of rain which fall Medio Tiempo leaves . Since Davidoff’s The Connoisseurs Book of the Cigar shows,”the tobacco leaf doesn’t require much water”. Rain is Cuba has improved while the humid states cigarette plantations love, haven’t always materialised. Described in our article What Effect is Climate Change Having on Cuban Cigars, tobacco growers have had to address these problems by introducing concrete flooring to assist humidity levels in their barns, in addition to utilising turbines to warm tobacco crops for when erratic bad weather looks.

Cohiba Behike Cigars would be the only ones to include the infrequent medio tiempo foliage, which makes them exceptional and one-of-a-kind

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THE RARITY FACTOR — Fragile and delicate, Medio Tiempo leaves are tough to supply, hard to pick, and require optimal weather that isn’t always available when anticipated. Moreover, the leaves are a type of bet — they do not always grow during harvest as crops grow at different rates. In contrast to popular belief, the problem in amassing Medio Tiempo leaves, isn’t the main reason for a shortage of Behike production. The main reason is a result of Cohiba Cigars rigorous approval of just picking the best of the best. This we learnt our trip Inside El Laguito.

HOW TO TELL — According to Cigars Lover Magazine, when there’s an absence of quite dark leaves in the foot of a cigar, then this reveals that a lack of Medio Tiempo leaves from the cigar mix. Additionally, the book goes on to state, a farmer who exerts their harvest correctly, can increase both quality and amount of Medio Tiempo leaves within their own tobacco fields.

Located in Cohiba’s most outstanding field of cigars available on the internet , the foliage is a rare, little but highly effective requirement. Substantial and unique, Medio Tiempo is worth the effort. Why not store the yummy Cohiba Behike 54 Cigar and Cohiba Behike 56 Cigar. We’ve got a few boxes left and they create an ideal present, but we urge to be fast, since they’re purchased by aficionado’s fast globally.