Positive Feedback – Where the Value Comes From

When working with managers, I often ask them what they feel when they pick up these words form their boss.

“Would you like many feedback? “

To be frank, their answer, like quarry when I was a manager, would usually prefer to be ‘No, thanks! ‘, yet we always say, rather hesitatingly, ‘Yes, please! ‘ and wait for the painful words!

The true reason for our apprehension is that if and when the question is asked, we just know that something painful is about to arrive!

Responses is almost always perceived and ‘bad news’ when it is available, because it is only offered when there is some criticism about to arised home.

Feedback has a bad press.

It has that very poor reputation because it is so often used as a sad epithet for just a way to tell you off! It isn’t valid feedback at all. It”s used simply as a license to complain, criticize or not satisfying you get bad news across.

The good news is that for you, there’s a different means, that is much more valuable.

Only give positive feedback to the people!

At least to start with and even when there is something that they might ought to change, you sell it much differently.

‘There’s one thing which would make things even better. You might want to consider (or think about), reviewing the preparation for the presentation next time and see the way it goes’

Now isn’t that nicer and more precious.

For the moment, spend a whole week offering positive responses and see what happens – more, see how you feel.

In 1 week two offer alternative amazon bewertungen kaufen when things could have absent a bit better if they thought about alternatives, using the words preceding.

Your people will love it – and you – for any kind and encouraging things you say.

And above all, it is a very good nicer job for you to do as well.