Can Cats Suffer With Depression?

Melancholy would sound like a human condition rather than something that an animal say for example cat could suffer from. Cats always seem cool together with controlled but this doesn’t mean that they can’t get depression even though their owners, we need to watch out for potential signs.

Signs of depression

Within behaviour can be an indicator of a host of problems and depression is one of these. If a normally outgoing and friendly cat results in being withdrawn then this can mean they are suffering with depression. Cats of which once craved human contact but now hides away or simply won’t come near could be suffering with more than just a bad mood. The following behaviour alone can be difficult to use to diagnose the condition nonetheless should be observed alongside others.

Sleeping is normal for cats and kittens and they seem to spend most of their time asleep. Nevertheless you will notice a change in your cat’s sleep pattern if they are experiencing from depression. They are often asleep more than normal and less active when awake because cats that are unhappy in this way often experience low energy levels – they don’t want to play with their products or with you and don’t spend much time moving around the house.

In a similar fashion, changes in the appetite could be an indicator of a problem. The cat that is usually enthusiastic about their food and eats it immediately but now picks or hardly eats could have a problem, while there are also a range of medical conditions that can lead to this reaction. When it’s related to depression, they are likely to not enjoy their food items or on the turn side, eat excessively and put for weight.

Specific issues

Over grooming is another sign of any illness of which depression is on the list. Cats need to groom themselves and keep themselves sin good condition but an excessive amount may lead to bald patches, sore skin and hairballs due to an excess of fur in their intestines.

Excessive vocalisation is another potential dilemma sign with a cat that normally is quiet owning more to say or calling out at strange situations such as during the night when they are normally quiet. can cats get depressed cats may get lonely and call for you when you aren’t around and this is very noticeable if there has been a death in the family of either individuals or another animal – in a way the cat is grieving.

Problems with using the litter box is also on the list – when a ordinarily fastidious cat takes to depositing their waste around odd places then this means something is wrong. The problem may perhaps lie with the actual litter box itself but if there have been virtually no changes in that department, a bigger problem could be at the heart.


If you think your cat may be suffering with depression or any many other condition you should get in touch with your vet as soon as possible. Tell them the outward symptoms you have witnessed and this will help them investigate the matter as well as uncover the heart of the problem.