The Beauty Of A Tooth Implant

Cosmetic dentistry utilizes some of the most advanced tools and sciences to improve the smiles of millions of people around the world. Not only do these state of the art procedures lower pain and infection for many patients, they can also show the patient’s brightest and most beautiful smile yet.

Dental implants utilize modern technology to replace teeth when necessary, and are an increasingly desirable solution than dentures. When a tooth is incomplete, or must be removed because of damage and/or infection, facial rejuvenation dentists will utilize an implant to restore the patient’s natural smile, while providing a strong and durable replacement that is definitely sure to last for many years. The beauty of a dental implants washington dc is based on the elimination of having to replace several teeth, when just one single is damaged. Instead of using a dental bridge, where various teeth must be removed and replaced, an implant involves only that damaged or missing tooth be damaged. Also, maintaining the integrity of this type of cosmetic implant is less intensive than if a dental bridge was used. But not only are implants easier to clean, dental maintenance is simpler and less painful. Loss of bone is a concern for patients who all undergo a dental bridge. When the jaw suspects more than one dental and/or bone is missing, it may compensate, and face treatment collapse can result. This is an unpleasant and unfortunate side effect. Nevertheless , when a dental implant is used, the bone is stored, and harmful side effects are eliminated.

Cosmetic dentists know about needs of each patient, and utilize the strongest, and most productive means of tooth repair and replacement necessary. That way, each one patient is able to maintain his or her smile with durable dental work that minimizes discomfort, and maximizes a beautiful and wholesome smile.